Our Mission

To find the needies and help them. We assist the poor to gain help from sponsors. You can register as volunteer or as sp..

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Make Donations

            Donate your money and time to this project. Money may in the form of transfer ..

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Help & Support

We are expecting a maximum barrier less support from all kinds broadminded people world wide .Because our brothers and s..

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Our Programs

To conduct to raise funds for the above purposes by holding or participating in exhibitions, festivals, cinemas, drama..

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We fight together

         We will fight all kinds of hardships together and overcome them. May the Almighty give us the strength to do so .Change the thought that you are not alone, do what you can, respond for us, give us strength and strength to fight for you, from the Almighty.If you fight for the underprivileged people of the society or spread awareness about various burning social and environmental issues, then owning a charity website can give your noble deeds a further boost.

We care about others

Each and every charity site we offer boasts of amazing usability, functionality and the latest web design elements. It is capable of conveying your social message to people in every nook and corner of the world. Our charity website templates are based on causes such as water resources, rural people empowerment, fight for social justice, orphanage, legal aid for poor people, better living environment, etc. So, order one and achieve your desired goal as soon as possible!

Our Causes


He suffering from Systemic Hypertension , Hypothyroidism , PostThyroidectomy for papillary carcinoma of thyroid and chronic kidney dicease stage 5...


 Sandeep From Vadakkanchery , Both kidneys are failed , Waiting for his kidney transplantation .Help him as possible to return his normal life...


We have prayers about devangana (1) suffering from cancer .She is admitted at RCC Trivandrum .Need your prayers and helps for a return of this one year old baby......


 Shibil is fighting with blood cancer. Recently he has completed bone marrow transplant.One more transplant is needed for the completion of his treatment. Hospital auth...

Our Sponsors